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·     Communication Experts, consultants and counselors

·      Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Professionals

·     Publishers



We write to introduce MediaGate Management & Consulting Limited, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Nigeria.

An innovative organization, MediaGate through a well-rounded team of knowledgeable and skilled communicators, is changing the relationship building business that we know as public relations today.





·      Building credibility and awareness

·      Building brand acceptance (Product launch/ publicity, special events coordination and getting free advertising)

·     Maintaining an organization’s long-term reputation among its constituencies

·      Helping to meet profit goals through advertising, sales promotions, corporate sponsorships and direct selling

·      Advising organizations on how to act responsibly in the public interest(exploring the impact of new social forces, discovering strains and tensions before they become acute and encouraging positive sense of unity)

·     Formulating campaign strategies and positions on issues

·      Advising the organization’s leaders on the appropriate uses of communication

·      Shaping and transmitting messages from organizations (media releases, publications, public service announcements, publicity campaigns and the like)

·     Developing comprehensive communication plans

·      Creating effective messages using the latest technologies

·     Maintaining effective relationships with third parties

·     Organizing communication programs and campaigns

·      Writing key messages for individuals and organizations

·     Producing materials for all media

·     Selecting the most credible and powerful vehicles (communication channel/media/groups)

·     Informing people, changing their behavior regarding some public good

·     Achieving specific results in terms of customer response, election outcomes, media coverage or public attitude

·     Monitoring public opinion formation and influencing public opinion by helping organizations attract and mobilize supporters

·     Maintaining contact with existing customers (Relationship Marketing)

·     Developing policies and effecting more interactive communication

·     Delivering clear, consistent and central corporate messages with adaptation at the local level

·      Bridging the communication gap

·     Generating positive publicity

·      Gaining support and sympathy from print and broadcast outlets

·     Reaching the target groups through coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio, television newscasts and the internet: Website/blogs, e-mail, instant messaging, direct mail, pamphlets, posters, newsletters, brochures, trade publications, media briefings, contests, continuous information updates and posting to news groups

·      Ensuring that the target groups (Media, employees, Governmental officials/Regulators, Community leaders/groups, Financial analysts, Investment Analysts/community, Activist groups, Distributors, Customers, Potential customers, Alliances, Partners, Stakeholders, Trade and professional constituencies) have the right information they need at the right time (Knowledge Management)

·     Generating news stories and favourable product reviews that will be seen by major customers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers

·     Defending against negative publicity

·     Identifying key issues confronting the client (potential controversies, policies and programs) and responding to them (issue management)

·      Seeking to avoid dilemmas or potential dangers (Crisis management programs, reputation management programs, multimedia campaigns, round the clock media relations programs, partnership and alliance with new and existing groups)

·     Developing and pitching stories to hand held devices, cell phones, e-mail of editors, famous people and others

·     Stimulating worker creativity and input

·      Boosting attitudes and morale

·     Enhancing  a company’s operations as well as increasing sales

·      Initiating brand conversations


·      Gaining fund , media exposure and volunteers for our clients


·      Getting the aspirant elected/becoming part of the governing process


·     Providing the electorate with the agenda of the aspirant


·      Gaining support for the aspirant’s ambition


·      Taking the candidate’s ambition straight to the people through daily press releases, biography, media tours, press conferences, photographs, talk show appearances, video/audio news releases, position papers, letters to the editor, articles, advertorials, policy statements, podcasts, website, handbook/manifesto/brochure/pamphlet, sponsorship (Football, festival), direct mail, mass advertising (radio, television,, print, outdoor), internet (postings on public internet discussion boards and forums, website, blogs), gifts, guerilla tactics (sidewalk, internet chat rooms, mass e-mail messages, radio talk shows), town meetings, grassroots campaigns, awards/recognition and commemorative events



We shall be most grateful for the opportunity to put our services at your disposal.



Yours faithfully,







Ebireri Henry Ovie Mobile: 2348036977194.