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• Are you contesting election in 2023?

• Are you contesting election in 2023?
• Do you want to reach potential voters?
• Do you want to win election?
We reach out to voters
o We persuade the electorate to vote our candidates
o We design cute and eye-catching flyers and distribute them to voters
o We develop a network of friends on Twitter
o We generate support with WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook/others
o We encourage people who love giveaways to vote the candidate
o We use blogs, radio, television and newspapers to support the candidate
• • We distribute press release
o We distribute news stories through blogs, newspapers, radio and television
o We publish different types of news
o We promote activities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
o We publish company and government news
o We email your stories to people you think will be interested
o We get instant feedback from readers on our announcements
We telephone voters
o We distribute leaflets and pamphlets
o We do door to door campaign
o We contact and persuade local organizations
o We meet people in public areas like shopping centres, markets, schools, church, mosques and persuade them to support the candidate
o We prepare adverts, articles and news stories for newspapers;
o We provide profile of the candidate’s background to local and foreign journalists
o We build social media presence
o We address public meetings
o We give interviews to television and radio stations
o We distribute election material such as pamphlets, posters, ‘how to vote’ cards and letters to inform voters
o We place posters and banners on private property
o We post material on Facebook and other social media platforms

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• 09038145710
• 08027566105
• 08022933589
• 09058168531
• 08069834111
• 08084338478
• 09060220224
• 09058168531


Born in Eku, Nigeria, Ebireri Henry Ovie had his basic education in Sapele, Aghalokpe and Eku.
The prolific writer also attended St Patrick’s College, Asaba, University of Port Harcourt, Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba and University of Lagos.
A noted teacher, journalist and political communication expert, Ebireri was political editor of NewAge, Group News Editor, National Mirror, News Editor, Business Hallmark and Deputy Editor, News Star.
The widely recognized and well-established media professional and consultant was a political aide to some top government functionaries in Nigeria.
He is currently a director on the board of MediaGate Management and Consulting Limited.

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