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Arrangements have been concluded for a week-long free medical mission organized by Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu Foundation (BAAF), in collaboration with Sharing Hope Medical Mission USA, slated to begin on February 17, 2020 at Emeabiam in Owerri West LGA of Imo State.

Sharing Hope Medical Mission USA is a medical organization based in the United States, with a mission to provide access to healthcare and education in underserved and vulnerable communities in Nigeria so as to improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of those populations most in need.

In a release signed by the chairman of the organizing committee, Dr. Emmanuel Onyema, the visiting team from University of California, San Diego, USA will arrive Owerri, Imo State from Akure, the Ondo State capital, where they have already concluded a similar medical outreach.

This visit marks the second missionary journey of Sharing Hope to Nigeria on the invitation of the first lady of Ondo State, Her Excellency Chief Mrs Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, and will feature free medical tests and donation of medical supplies to the recipient communities.

According to the release, the visiting team on arrival will call on the Imo State governor, His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodimma, from where they will take off to Emeabiam to be received by the leaders and people of Emeabiam.

The release further reveals that the event will also witness the foundation-laying ceremony of Ada Emeabiam Development Centre (ADEDEC), a multipurpose centre which is committed to transforming Emeabiam into a peaceful, green, health-conscious and productive community through the implementation of outcomes of people-centered research and development studies in health, education, entrepreneurship, women and youth affairs, and social development.

Officials from Imo State Ministries of Health, Education, and Women Affairs and Social Development are expected to grace the foundation-layingz ceremony.

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Bayelsa Violence: Stop Oshiomhole Now, PDP Tells IGP

February14, 2020

Press Statement

Bayelsa Violence: Stop Oshiomhole Now, PDP Tells IGP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) calls on the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, to immediately pull in the factional National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, for questioning and prosecution for incitement.

The party says the violence and arson being perpetuated by APC agents in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state capital, on Friday, was in furtherance of Oshiomhole’s inciting call that no governor would be sworn-in in Bayelsa state, contrary to the judgment of the Supreme Court.

Oshiomole’s statement was a direct call for sedition and violent subversion of the 1999 Constitution (as amended), the statutory authority of the Supreme Court and the mandate of the people of Bayelsa state.

He should therefore be pulled in immediately for prosecution for inciting violence and arson in the state.

Nigerians can recall that our party had on Thursday cautioned Oshiomhole over his utterances and apparent plots to cause violence and a breakdown of law and order in the state.

The world however watched with horror as APC agents, chanting APC slogans, assaulted the people of Bayelsa state, set the PDP secretariat in the state ablaze, attacked the premises of Radio Bayelsa, vandalized vehicles and equipment, took over major highways and attacked travellers, all in the bid to violently subvert the judgment of the Supreme court and forcefully take control of the state.

The PDP therefore charges the people of Bayelsa, the security agencies and Nigerians at large, to hold Oshiomhole responsible and accountable for the violence in Bayelsa state and deal with him accordingly in line with the provisions of our laws.

Oshiomhole must be brought to book and stopped from the use of garrulity and clear misuse of language to cause crisis in our country.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary

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Bayelsa Governorship: INEC dismisses rumours, declares Diri winner

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has declared the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Duoye Diri as the winner of the Bayelsa election.

The INEC Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, who made this announcement at the INEC headquarters in Abuja said the certificate of return will be issued immediately to the winner.

Yakubu while briefing journalists at the INEC Headquarters confirmed receiving the true certified judgement of the court.

According to him, the commission met on Friday morning to review the results of the election, without the votes of the APC which have been void by the court.

The total votes casts after excluding those of the APC now stand at 146,999. PDP polled 143,172 and scored 25 percent as required by the law.

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What makes Novena University unique?

What makes Novena University unique?


Novena University has been established to meet the yearnings and aspirations of our youths and women.

Our interest as you stay with this university is to create a pathway for a life journey, which is a time of great personal growth.

Our programmes are like an onion as they provide education which encourages critical and intuitive thought, adding layers of understanding to one’s view of the world and developing the skills needed to participate in the occupational environment as well as interpersonal relationships.


The vision of the University is to develop and promote the advancement of knowledge through excellence in scholarship for the benefit of the society.

The vision for this university is thus to build a renowned institution with strong and rigorous scholarship and training, much of which will be directed at training local leadership in Health and Medical Science, Law, Information and Communication Technology, Intelligence and Security Studies, Telecommunication, Energy and Petroleum, Maritime, Agriculture, Aviation, Natural and Applied Science, Engineering and Environmental fields, to ensure adequate skills and a healthy environment and sustainable future for Nigeria while continuing on its trajectory of improving the quality of life for Nigerian citizens


Our Mission

The mission of Novena University is to be a dynamic institution that will promote academic discipline and resourcefulness in the production of globally competitive graduates.

Novena University thus endeavours to develop in each student a respect for the dignity and worth of the individual, a desire and capacity for critical reasoning, appreciation and understanding of scholarship and creativity in the arts, the humanities, and the sciences, the ability to communicate; and the skills for continuous acquisition of new knowledge.

The aims and objectives of Novena University are not limited to improving highly motivated and qualified graduates to meet the current and projected needs of the work force but also to offer a variety of professional programmes to accommodate the distinctive needs of both conventional and working students.

In articulating its goals and objectives, the University was guided by its desire to produce graduates who are intellectually competent, occupationally equipped, morally responsible, economically independent, aesthetically conscious as well as adaptive and responsive to their physical and socio-cultural environments.

The objectives of Novena University are as follows:

(i)                 To advance higher education through its thrust of academic (intellectual) excellence animated by the virtues of diligence, discipline, justice and equity;

(ii)               To attract and retain brilliant undergraduate and graduate students and prepare them for a successful life in academic pursuit/career of distinction while imbibing new knowledge and understanding from ongoing research;

(iii)             To achieve academic excellence in the production of competent and globally competitive graduates who would meet the human resource requirement of the national economy;

(iv)   To foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity and self-expression by challenging students to be original thinkers rather than mere reflectors of other people’s thoughts;

(v)               To attract and retain high quality faculty (academic staff) who are both  committed to sound scholarship and  will strive to apply the wisdom of the past and the discoveries of today to the challenges in a rapidly changing world;

(vi)             To inculcate in the students the culture of discipline and learning with a view to improving their understanding;

(vii)           To provide a distinctive setting to facilitate the personal development of the body, mind and spirit of the students so that they may be good citizens, role models and future leaders for self-fulfilment and public good;

(viii)         To foster academic partnership and collaboration in teaching and research with universities worldwide so that the products of Novena University will be relevant (i.e., fit into the world of work) anywhere in the world.

(ix)             To provide quality education to students preparatory to their entering into careers in the professions, industries, public service, business, the arts and in the various trades;

(x)               To provide opportunities for the practice of certain income – earning vocational skills as part of the educative process which will help the student defray a large part of his/her educational expenses;

(xi)             To help the students develop manual skills that can serve as avenues for recreational and profitable use of time and as a  means of contributing towards their economic security;

(xii)           To teach the students to appreciate the beauty of nature as portraying God’s creativity and activity in the world;

(xiii)         To help the students develop a healthy acquaintance with the fine arts and encourage them to broaden their capacity to enjoy and create works of artistic value;\

(xiv)         To impress upon the students the cardinal importance of a healthy respect for nature, the environment and the habitat,  for mankind’s survival and well-being on  earth.

(xv)           To implant and promote in the students an awareness of their physical needs and encourage them to maintain a balance between their academic pursuits and the cultivation of their physical well-being;

(xvi)         To sensitize the students  to the importance of the care of personal appearance and grooming with emphasis on natural rather than artificial beauty, on simplicity and on modesty in dress and in diet;

(xvii)       To stimulate the students to better understand and appreciate the value and dignity of manual as well as other types of honest labour;

(xviii)     To help the students to learn effective communication and human relations skills that cut across disciplines, cultures and personal philosophies;

(xix)         To develop the students into persons who can be effective members of social institutions such as Church and family, and who will play  active roles in contemporary society, seeking to solve its problems and to improve the quality of life for all;

(xx)           To inculcate in the students a sense of good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the nation and every legitimate action of government;

(xxi)         To encourage the advancement of all branches of learning and to make available to all persons, irrespective of race, creed, sex, ethnic origin, social/economic status and political  persuasion, an opportunity of acquiring higher education; and

(xxii)       To undertake any other activities appropriate for a university of the highest standard.

Strategies for Achieving the Stated Objectives

(i)                 In the pursuit of these goals, the University is working, in partnership and collaboration with local and international universities and industries, to enrich the experience of its staff and students so that they can perform more effectively as good citizens in an increasingly globalising world.

(ii)               Another strategy for achieving the objectives is the erection of such structures as classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories and workshops in accordance with the provisions of the approved master plan document.

(iii)             Through adequate provision of instructional facilities to guarantee effective teaching and learning in the University, and by ensuring that such facilities are properly maintained to ensure durability and efficient use by staff and students of the University.

(iv) By ensuring that students’ admission to the programmes offered by the University is based on merit.  Students are required to possess the requisite qualifications in the SSCE/GCE or their acceptable equivalent examinations as well as reasonable score at the University Matriculation Examination (UME).  Apart from the external screening examination, candidates seeking admission into the University are required to pass an internal screening test and interview.  These measures are adopted to ensure high quality students intake as an essential means of guaranteeing quality output.

(v)               By making concerted efforts to attract and retain high caliber and experienced academic and non-academic staff.  Recruitment of staff is made through advertisements in the national dailies and the electronic media, and through interviews that are properly conducted.  Only those who are successful in the interviews and possess the requisite qualifications and experience are recruited into the service of the University.

(vi) By establishing linkage programmes with institutions, research agencies, industries and other organizations to encourage exchange of staff and ideas.

Novena University will commence its teaching and research activities through Colleges and Departments which will form the major academic units of the university. The university will operate the collegiate system but the colleges will by no means be mutually exclusive or self-contained. Thus, students will be compelled to take inter or intra college/departmental courses and thereby receive lectures from colleges and departments other than their own.

Apart from the collegiate structure, the University will establish Institutes, Centres and Schools. The Graduate School for instance, will provide the administrative focus responsible for co-ordination of postgraduate programmes in the university; this will provide the prospective students with a broad-based foundation for scientific, social, cultural and physical development. The initial academic development of the University is underlined by a nuclear concept such that majority of the core elements to be found later in the University at its full maturity, would be available at inception. By so doing the same moral, scientific, technological and vocational vision would run through the academic structure from inception to full maturity of the University.

In order to reap the benefits of grouping inter-related disciplines together, the University will establish the following colleges and departments in phases:

The academic development of the university will be carried out in three phases. The salient features of the phases are presented in the following sub-sections:
Phase I
Phase I commenced from the first academic session after the Federal Government’s approval. The University had three (3) colleges at inception with the full complement of departments and programmes. They include:

College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS):
Department of Mathematics;
Department of Physical Sciences;
Department of Chemical Sciences;
* Department of Computer Science;
Department of Biological Sciences;
Department of Environmental Management;
Department of Maritime and Aeronautical Studies
* Computer Science will be transferred to the relevant college in the second

College of Food Science and Technology (CFAST):
· Department of Tourism;
· Department of Food Science and Technology;
· Department of Home Economics;
· Department of Microbiology;
· Department of Nutrition and Dietetics;
· Department of Agriculture.

College of management and Social Sciences (CMSS):
Department of Economics;
Department of Sociology and Psychology;
Department of Political Science;
Department of Accounting;
Department of Business Administration; and
Department of Mass Communication (Communication Management)


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·     We use websites and other social media platforms to reach millions

·     We provide news item for public consumption

·     We write for print and electronic media, edit, take photos, handle communication production, run special events and make telephone calls to the media



·     We build successful relationships with the stakeholders

·      We design public relations programmes that will gain the support of key publics

·     We create stakeholders partnership

·     We monitor relationships

·     We explain company policies and positions

·     We explain the organization to the stakeholders



·     We produce the right programmes, influence strategic planning and affect the short range (bottom line) and long range (survival) goals of organization

·     We identify and solve public relations problems

·     We define the problem, suggest options and oversee implementation

·     We get specific information about the stakeholders (Problem recognition, constraint recognition and level of involvement)

·     We show our client a whole range of options along with the associated costs and rewards


·     We persuade audiences to learn new information, to change emotions and to act in certain ways


·     We make the target group to understand the issues

·    We tell people what to talk or think about



FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL THE ASTUTE JOURNALISTS, PUBLIC RELATIONS EXPERTS AND EXPERIENCED MARKETERS ON08036977194, 08069834111, 09026769271, 08022933589, 09058168531, 08036977194, 09060271217, 08084338478, 09060220224, 08090925962

Ebireri Henry Ovie Mobile: 2348036977194.
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Our Services

Strategic communications consulting

Blog and social media posts

 Video and postcard production

Editing, script writing and copywriting

Contact the public relations, advertising and marketing experts now





Ebireri Henry Ovie Mobile: 2348036977194.
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Ebireri Henry Ovie : Journalist, Political Scientist and Teacher

Ebireri Henry Ovie, a seasoned and accomplished journalist, is a Director in Media Gate Management and Consulting Limited.
Born into a comfortable home in Sapele, Ebireri, one of the most dazzling political writers in Nigeria, received basic education in Delta State.
He attended the University of Port-Harcourt .
An outstanding Nigerian, Ebireri holds a Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in Political Science from the University of Lagos, a postgraduate diploma in Journalism from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba and a diploma in English from the University of Lagos.
Known for speaking his mind and quoting public officials accurately, the Delta State born pen-pusher did courses in public relations, sales/ marketing management , financial management, advertising, basic computing, treasury management, credit management and debt recovery, broadcast news writing and reporting, investigative journalism, creative writing, judicial reporting, radio production, radio presentation and radio journalism.
A native of Okpe-Urhobo, Ebireri  participated in  capacity building  workshop on theatre, communication, NEPAD and child evangelism.
The effective media relations specialist, political analyst and administrator began writing for major Nigerian newspapers in 1993. He contributed articles in politics, government, economy, development, culture and education.
Articulate and versatile, Ebireri was former political editor, NewAge, Group News Editor, National Mirror, Group News Editor, Business Hallmark and Deputy Editor, News Star,
He was also Special Assistant, Media and Publicity to a Deputy Governor in Lagos State and Chief Press Secretary to a Speaker in the Delta State House of Assembly.
 As a consultant, Ebireri has worked for top government functionaries and organizations including the Delta State Government, Dutch Government and the Federal Government.
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Management & Consulting Limited
Tel: 08037264024, 08036977194
MediaGate Management and Consulting Limited is an industry leader in Nigeria. The company offers individuals and corporate organizations a wide range of uniquely tailored services aimed at building high quality brands by enhancing their image and creating mutually beneficial relationships with their clientele base.
·        We are experienced in creating and positioning brands as forward thinkers and market leaders using a combination of strategic thought and creativity.
·        We offer chains of services that meet public relations, marketing and advertising requirements.
We utilize the channels of mass, multi and social media to reach a wide range of Audience.
·        Through our services, we deliver messages in the most efficient and cost effective ways to the larger audiences.
·        We execute marketing messages to reach the maximum number potential clients.
·        We are meticulous planners, keeping our clients informed of the current marketing trends with a follow up on every item and ensuring no balls are dropped.
·        We scan, detect and evaluate new opportunities for repositioning of our customers perception, preferences and requirements.
·        We collate information for product development, service innovation and improvement
 Specifically, we plan, manage campaigns and offer suggestions
·        We put our clients in a position of achieving their PR goals by translating and transforming their work into a clear, compelling story and then getting that story out.
·        We project the image of our clients by focusing on the right message.
·        We use unparalleled media contacts to earn consistent high-quality profile Public relation media coverage for our clients across print, electronic, online, and broadcast media.
We translate messages into positive media stories
·        We are quick, discreet, and experienced in helping the clients to prepare ahead of time for potential crises.
·        We are also quick in checkmating and controlling such situations.
·        We help our clients articulate their stories in a way that persuades, attracts and creates the desirable action.
·        We develop messages, talking points and briefing materials.
·        We provide intensive and extensive training for staff and spokespeople
·        We help build internal communications capacity of staff
·        We audit communications departments, thereby helping them to restructure and meet their desired objectives.
·        Out team of skilled writers is ready to draft and shape eye-catching op-eds, blog posts, letters to the editor, speeches and social media content – the building blocks of a successful communications strategy.
·        We have a proven track record of building public support for new projects and initiatives.
We arrange events to raise the profile of our clients to the top
We develop high digital platforms, write social media copy and connect stakeholders through Twitter Feed, Facebook and YouTube
We design and implement multi-platform campaigns that attract and move people to action.
·        We identify and engage influencers and leverage every communication channel to advance critical issues and legislation.
·        We support our clients with high quality publicity, promotion and design of multimedia content/graphics for dissemination on social media.
·        We arrange interviews and write press releases to promote and make media aware of company events and achievements.
·        We specialize in digital communication, social media marketing, online PR and online advertising.
·        Our mails don’t just get read-they get remembered. By delivering our client’s storey straight to the people, our mails shape the market and shift the debate.
·        Our in-house digital team is on the cutting edge of interactive campaigning. We are dynamic in nature and add rich value to media ads.
We grow your business through advertising, promotion, communication technology and rapid delivery services
·        We create TV-products, -documentaries & commercials for our clients. It is our core business to communicate your messages, brands, events & conferences to the defined target markets, thereby reaching your television and internet audience on  an international, national & regional base.
·        We produce video contents for our clients.
·        We also produce creative and memorable advertising for our clients.
·        We still believe in radio-for reaching policymakers and commuting demographics groups and other targetable audiences. Our radio spots stand out for their creativity.
We provide services that are critical for the success of your organisation
·        Traditional advertising avenues are sometimes still the most effective.
As a dynamic and innovative organization, we take a fresh approach combining new and innovative print and out-of-home options with established one.
·        We take a comprehensive approach to branding by evaluating our competitors, talking to stakeholders and moving on with a unique identity system and style tailored to suit our client’s needs.
·        News and information services
·        Book publishing
·        Newspaper
·        Magazine
·        Online/Website
·        We guide our clients on ways to outwit their competitors
·         We provide direction for our clients, craft strategies to achieve targeted performance and execute the chosen strategies efficiently and effectively
·        We use manuals, letters, conferences, newsletters etc. for communicating actions/activities of organizations.
·        We implement forward-looking, well-researched strategies for our clients
·        We also offer strategic in-house training for companies, turning employees into savvy brand ambassadors.
·        Brand Experience
·        Communication strategy
·        Consumer & trade media relations
·        Consumer and trade media relations
·        Consumer PR
·        Creative thinking
·        CSR Programmes
·        Digital PR
·        Experiential PR Campaigns
·        International PR blueprints
·        Issues management
·        Media promotions & sponsorships
·        New product launch
·        Social media
·        Stunts
Our frequently updated  websites provide authentic news about the world, particularly Nigeria.
By advertising on our websites, you are sure of getting value for your money  and a wider mileage in your business, service and product marketing.
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Gasby Ayoh tasks Buhari, security chiefs on terrorism, kidnapping, others

Gasby Ayoh tasks Buhari, security chiefs on terrorism, kidnapping, others

·      Backs State Police

·      Says EPS is providing the ultimate in security protection and services


Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Protective Services (EPS), Chief Anthony Gasby Ayoh is outlining how he believes President Muhammadu Buhari and the nation’s security chiefs can handle the high level of insecurity in the country.

On Sunday, Gasby Ayoh told journalists in Lagos that Nigerians abroad remain concerned about the security situation.

‘’In all respect, everybody should be worried. I don’t think things are going the way they are supposed to go. As a security professional, I am very concerned. Kidnapping is off the hook. It is very alarming. Some people don’t want to come home. Some of us that are home can’t even walk alone. We need security operatives to move around. The government should do something about it’’ he said.

The American trained security expert urged the government to come up with new strategies to tackle insecurity in the country.

‘’I am concerned about the general security of the country. It is not just about Boko Haram. It is about your safety, my safety and the safety of our children. Specifically, it is about the safety of Nigerians. Anything can happen in the country.

He advised the security chiefs and community leaders to focus on information gathering.

‘’Information gathering is very important. In the United States, we can easily uncover crime without going to data base. Security operatives are not wizards. The communities give information to security operatives. Security operatives also get details from individuals on how to uncover crimes. We are not encouraging people to give information and even when you want to give information, who do you call? Do we have the 911 like we have in the United States? If we have the 911 in Nigeria, is it working? Government should equip the security operatives. They need to be properly funded for them to be efficient’’.

He stressed the importance of having an effective international collaboration as part of efforts to combat terrorism and kidnapping in the country.

‘’Are the security agencies well-funded in Nigeria? Do they have the tools to operate? This is the fifth year of Mr. President. He should do the needful. He should do the right thing at the right time. Mr. President should be specific on security matters. He must give security chiefs deadline to address specific problems. People should be held responsible for the security lapses. Terrorism is a global issue. What type of intelligence do we have to combat terrorism? Are we collaborating with the Western countries? We need support in the area of information gathering. In United States, they put things in place. Nigeria is in a comatose state. Kidnapping is now a way of life to some people. They see kidnapping as a way of getting easy money. There are stories of law enforcement officers collaborating with kidnappers’’ he said.

Gasby Ayoh stressed that Nigeria must do something about state police.

‘’I am in support of state police. All they can do is to enact it into law. But governors must not have absolute power. In Nigeria, private security operators should carry arms. Laws should be enacted in this area. They should not give arms to all private security companies. They can give it to few private security companies.

To him, no private security organization could expect to survive on a long term basis if it failed to address the level of service, quality control and customer satisfaction.

‘’In Evergreen Security Services, it is not just about hiring but training and retraining of personnel. Our goal is to add value to our clients. We look at the welfare and health insurance of our staff. Our workers are very important. We respect them a lot. They have applicable licenses and are in compliance with all state and local government laws and policies’’

Ayoh listed 24 hours security guard services, security consulting in terrorism and counter terrorism, coast guard security services, government security, aviation security, border patrol services, private investigation services, oil and gas/pipeline security services, maritime/port security as major services of the organization.

He also listed school security protection, close protection/investigation security, escort/patrol/protocol security, hotel/bank security/ crowd control/event security, law enforcement/security training, plaza/mall security services, security system/electronic CCTV/alarm installation, security vulnerability assessment, crisis management/ rapid response, journey management and supply of security safety gadgets as other services of the organization.

‘’ The motto of Evergreen Protective Services is ‘’ we provide the ultimate in security protection and services. We provide a safe and secure environment for our clients. To accomplish this goal, Evergreen has formed a team of dedicated and experienced instructors in various areas of security. Our professional well-trained personnel are friendly and courteous’’ he added.


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·     Communication Experts, consultants and counselors

·      Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Professionals

·     Publishers



We write to introduce MediaGate Management & Consulting Limited, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Nigeria.

An innovative organization, MediaGate through a well-rounded team of knowledgeable and skilled communicators, is changing the relationship building business that we know as public relations today.





·      Building credibility and awareness

·      Building brand acceptance (Product launch/ publicity, special events coordination and getting free advertising)

·     Maintaining an organization’s long-term reputation among its constituencies

·      Helping to meet profit goals through advertising, sales promotions, corporate sponsorships and direct selling

·      Advising organizations on how to act responsibly in the public interest(exploring the impact of new social forces, discovering strains and tensions before they become acute and encouraging positive sense of unity)

·     Formulating campaign strategies and positions on issues

·      Advising the organization’s leaders on the appropriate uses of communication

·      Shaping and transmitting messages from organizations (media releases, publications, public service announcements, publicity campaigns and the like)

·     Developing comprehensive communication plans

·      Creating effective messages using the latest technologies

·     Maintaining effective relationships with third parties

·     Organizing communication programs and campaigns

·      Writing key messages for individuals and organizations

·     Producing materials for all media

·     Selecting the most credible and powerful vehicles (communication channel/media/groups)

·     Informing people, changing their behavior regarding some public good

·     Achieving specific results in terms of customer response, election outcomes, media coverage or public attitude

·     Monitoring public opinion formation and influencing public opinion by helping organizations attract and mobilize supporters

·     Maintaining contact with existing customers (Relationship Marketing)

·     Developing policies and effecting more interactive communication

·     Delivering clear, consistent and central corporate messages with adaptation at the local level

·      Bridging the communication gap

·     Generating positive publicity

·      Gaining support and sympathy from print and broadcast outlets

·     Reaching the target groups through coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio, television newscasts and the internet: Website/blogs, e-mail, instant messaging, direct mail, pamphlets, posters, newsletters, brochures, trade publications, media briefings, contests, continuous information updates and posting to news groups

·      Ensuring that the target groups (Media, employees, Governmental officials/Regulators, Community leaders/groups, Financial analysts, Investment Analysts/community, Activist groups, Distributors, Customers, Potential customers, Alliances, Partners, Stakeholders, Trade and professional constituencies) have the right information they need at the right time (Knowledge Management)

·     Generating news stories and favourable product reviews that will be seen by major customers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers

·     Defending against negative publicity

·     Identifying key issues confronting the client (potential controversies, policies and programs) and responding to them (issue management)

·      Seeking to avoid dilemmas or potential dangers (Crisis management programs, reputation management programs, multimedia campaigns, round the clock media relations programs, partnership and alliance with new and existing groups)

·     Developing and pitching stories to hand held devices, cell phones, e-mail of editors, famous people and others

·     Stimulating worker creativity and input

·      Boosting attitudes and morale

·     Enhancing  a company’s operations as well as increasing sales

·      Initiating brand conversations


·      Gaining fund , media exposure and volunteers for our clients


·      Getting the aspirant elected/becoming part of the governing process


·     Providing the electorate with the agenda of the aspirant


·      Gaining support for the aspirant’s ambition


·      Taking the candidate’s ambition straight to the people through daily press releases, biography, media tours, press conferences, photographs, talk show appearances, video/audio news releases, position papers, letters to the editor, articles, advertorials, policy statements, podcasts, website, handbook/manifesto/brochure/pamphlet, sponsorship (Football, festival), direct mail, mass advertising (radio, television,, print, outdoor), internet (postings on public internet discussion boards and forums, website, blogs), gifts, guerilla tactics (sidewalk, internet chat rooms, mass e-mail messages, radio talk shows), town meetings, grassroots campaigns, awards/recognition and commemorative events



We shall be most grateful for the opportunity to put our services at your disposal.



Yours faithfully,







Ebireri Henry Ovie Mobile: 2348036977194.